Explore the lake in your own time.

Zip Line

An adrenaline rush like none other.

Burma Bridge

Classic rope walking activity for the thrill seekers.

River Crossing

The river is always better on the other side.


The most frightful but fastest way to get down.

River Swimming

Let all your worries flow away like a calm river.


Up the hills we go.


Point, Aim & Shoot!


Get your group together and enjoy a nice warm campfire.

Countryside Cycling

Discover the surroundings pedalling away.

Star Gazing

Stay up late and watch the Diamonds in the Sky.

Farm Tour

Have a look at the farms and how they function.


Score a bullseye the classical way!

Rifle Shooting

Practice and perfect your shooting aim.

Obstacle Course

Get Up, Get Down, Get Under, Get Over.


Walk the fine line and get to the other side.

Tunnel crawl

The light at the end of the tunnel is always bright.

Commando net

You have to get up to get down.

Ladder climb

A great exercise, taking you up.

Tarzan swing

Beat your chest and let fly.


The view from the top is always the best!

Tyre crossing

Get past all the tyres to get through.

Rock climbing

It takes sheer determination to get to the top.

Jungle camping

Be one with Mother Nature and live with her.

Monkey Crawl

Using a rope to crawl across like a monkey.

Waterfall rappelling *

The thrill of waterfall rappelling is incomparable.

Nature Walks

Get yourself lost in the beauty of nature that's around.


Agriculture that deals with the art, science & technology.


Spot and identify birds in the area.

Gardening Workshops

Get educated on farming techniques.

Farm Produce Counter

Garden centre to pick up the Farm fresh produce and plants.


One way or another, this is great fun and an even better work-out.

Treasure Hunt

Who knows what you may find in Nature's treasury.

Outdoor Sports

Play a variety of sports like Football, Badminton & Volleyball.

Yoga & Outdoor Fitness

Release all your stress and leave behind all your worries.


Take the path less travelled or just make your own.

Personalized Barbeques

Bond over your own Barbeque set-up.

Lakeside Camping

Pitch your tent right at the water's edge & have the lake sing you a lullaby.

* Seasonal Activities